6 Reasons Your Small Business Needs A Website in 2021

reasons your small business needs a website

6 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Website Now

If you’re a business owner, you need to have a website for a number of reasons. For one, it’s an easy way to share your business with the world. It’s also a way to create a space for potential customers to come and see what you’re all about. There are so many benefits to having a website that it would be easy to make this an extensive list. In this blog, we will be covering 6 important reasons why your business needs a website in 2021.

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A Website Makes Your Business Look Professional and Credible

It’s 2021 and consumers expect businesses to have a website to help them determine if the business is credible enough to either buy a product or avail the services the business offers. First impressions matter. If your potential customers search your business name online and they are unable to find your website, it leaves an impression that you don’t actually mean business. After all, your website is the best place to show what your business is about and how customers can reach contact you.

84% believe a business with a website is more credible than one that only has a social media page.

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A Website Helps Your Business Build Brand Awareness

Websites are a great way to promote your business image online. The website gives potential customers an idea of what your place is like and what you do. It can also help customers get a better idea of who you are as a person, which is crucial for every small business owner. That’s why it’s important to get online and set up a website if you want to build your brand. Also, it works as an advertising tool for your small business.

One of the best things about having your own website is that you are in control of what your customers or your audience can see. Compare that with just having social media accounts where the platform has full control to show what the algorithm thinks is best for their audience to see.

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A Website Can Drive More Traffic to Your Business

Ever heard of SEO? It means Search Engine Optimization. And if you invest in SEO, you are able to drive more traffic to your website which then ultimately leads to more sales and revenue for your business.

People are online and they use search engines all day long and by targeting certain keywords that relate to your business — you are then able to bring in organic traffic. No need to pay for expensive ads that most of the time customers don’t click on because these listings only got top in the search results because of paid advertisements against websites that ranked organically through SEO because of high quality content.

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A Website is Essential to Stay Ahead of Competitors

Did you know that 28% of small businesses in the US don’t have a website? Imagine if out of those 28%, one is your business! 72% of small businesses are already ahead of you and are reaching out to customers that you are not able to interact with and potentially become your customer.

If you want to level out the playing field, create a website for your business now! Even better, make sure to create a website that stands out, not just visually but are able to meet the needs of your site’s visitors and convert them to buy into your business!

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A Website Can Showcase Your Products and Services

E-commerce websites are increasingly becoming more popular every year. There is a big business opportunity that you are not tapping into if you have not converted your business model to one that is able to utilize the digital world! By having a business website, you are able to showcase the products that you are selling or the services that you offer. You are not only able to reach your local audience but you are also able to market yourself to the rest of the world.

Plus, by having a website, you are able to open your business 24/7, 365 days of the year to the rest of the world! People can research your products or your services whenever it’s convenient for them!

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A Website is More Affordable than Traditional Advertising

Gone are the days where marketing your business means buying a billboard, spending on thousands of dollars to get a few seconds of air time on TV, or getting a spot in the local newspaper to name a few.

We are now in the digital age where even small businesses have a fighting chance to compete with the big corporations! Your website is important and most of all, it is now affordable! You are able to provide valuable information about your business right in the fingertips of your audience! You only have to make sure that your website is fully optimized to bring visitors to your site through Digital Marketing and converting these visitors by having an outstanding Web Design that is specifically built to convert customers to do business with you!


With a plethora of website builders available to business owners today, you are able to create beautiful and aesthetically pleasing websites without knowing how to write code! There are even free solutions out there that may work out for your business if you are not willing to invest yet.

However, what separates a typical business website built by a business owner vs a website that is created by a professional Web Designer is that a website that is built by a professional is one that is designed and optimized to target customer conversion. This then will result to more sales and more revenue for the business. Typically, small business owners do not have the time and should not have the time to focus on other things other than focusing on the flow and the logistics of the business.

With that said, are you a small or a medium business owner looking to launch a new website or need help with elevating your business online? I’d love to work with you!

My name is Kim Lovino and I offer Web Design and Digital Marketing Services to small and medium businesses. I am based in Vancouver, Canada but I am open to working with businesses all over the world! I enjoy working with clients to help solve problems and pain points within their business and implement working processes and solutions to drive more customers to their business!

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